Thursday, May 13, 2010

Afghanistan and the Death Star

If the Rebels had relied on the same strategy our government is applying in Afghanistan, Yavin IV might just be a smoking asteroid field. At least that’s the message comedian Jon Stewart tries to convey in a new clip.

Stewart displayed an exaggerated version of the US government’s plan to bring stability to Afghanistan, mocking the chart as he tried to make sense of phrases like “western affiliation backlash” and “perceived security.”

He then showed how other famous warriors throughout “history” had employed charts to explain battles to their troops.

He brought up, as we all remember, the time when General Dodonna explained to rebel fighter pilots how to blow up the Death Star using a PowerPoint presentation.

Other mentions from the annals of history were when General Patton used a Venn diagram and when William Wallace calmly explained the cost of freedom using a simple chart.

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